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Adopt-a-Mile Adoption Status

Mile Marker Allegheny River Trail   Mile Marker Sandy Creek Trail
0-1 Keith Guiste   0-1E Steve Schenck
1-2     1-2E Andrew & Rachel Nocera
2-3 Janice McCall   2-3E Randy Stewart
3-4 Rob McCall   3-4E Cindy Schenck
4-5 Bob Hoffman   4-5E Jon N. Master
5-6 Sue Hilton   5-6E Jerry Ziegler
6-7     6-7E Jerry Ziegler
7-8     7-8E Ben Black
9-10 Bob & Connie Girt      
10-11 Brandon   0-1W Jeremy and BobbieJo Tidd
11-Gate Brandon   1-2W Jeremy and BobbieJo Tidd
Brd Gate-SS Karen and Dick Means   2-3W  
S Slope Sunny Slope   3-4W Ron & Tomi Ackerman
K Tunnel Handsome Lake Energy, LLC      
15-16 St. George      
16-17 Rick Smith      
17-18 Dave McVay      
18-19 St. George   Continue Allegheny River Trail
Foxburg to Parker
19-20 St. George  
20-21 St. George   32-Clarion Brdg Dr. Steffee
RS Tunnel Handsome Lake Energy, LLC   Clarion Brdg-35 Ken McKee
27-Parking Lot